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Tp-link wireless router settings

TP-Link wdr6300 price of more than 140 yuan, is now V6 version, have not seen the disassembly map. The firmware system is relatively new, unlike the old-fashioned interface of the old model.
First come out of the box
Great box, but it feels very light.
TP-link6300 box
Wireless parameters 867m 5G 802.11ac + 300m 2.4G 802.11n, 2X2Mimo, 2 2.4G antennas + 2 5G antennas. TPLINK’s personality is that it can be made into two antennas and never less than four antennas.
TP-link6300 outer packaging instructions
TP-link6300 out of the box
Look at the packaging plastic bag of the power supply, it feels like second-hand East.
TP-link6300 out of the box
TP-link6300 bottom
It’s almost 150 yuan, and I don’t give you a USB port. This is TPLINK.
TP-link6300 antenna
Power supply 9V 0.85A, with less power, it is estimated that this chip does not consume much power. I feel that this router can be powered directly by the charging treasure. Because of 9V. Most of the 5V can be used for power supply.
TP6300 power adapter
First come to the computer login settings:
The system interface of this TP6300 is different from the previous ones, much more beautiful, and the graphical operation is very intuitive. But the disadvantage is that the functional drought can not be fully displayed on one page. Not used to it., this is the login address. There is no default administrator password, and you need to set an administrator password for the first login.
Enter the wireless SSID name and wireless password in Network Status.
Tl-wdr6300-System Settings
Set the Internet, in the routing settings.
Clicking on the routing settings, there is a section about the introduction of TP-LINK ID is more conspicuous, simply put, is to register an account, this account can use the mobile APP to remotely manage this router. You can not register, just click “Internet settings”
Tl-wdr6300 – use settings
“WAN port connection type”, there are three access methods:
Broadband dial-up Internet access (ie PPPOE dialing)
Fixed IP address (or static IP address)
Obtain an IP address automatically (that is, DHCP automatically obtains it)
Tl-wdr6300 – use settings
Tl-wdr6300 – use settings
According to your own way of accessing the Internet, you can go online after setting it up.
After the router can connect to the network, set the wireless specific parameters.
2.4G, channel selection, default automatic, it is recommended to download a wifi analyzer on the mobile phone, select a less used channel, now every household uses wifi, intuition tells me, which one is not too good. Select the automatic channel. If 2.4G is slow, you can manually set a channel. In the wireless mode menu, there are “11bgn mixed, 11bg mixed, 11n only, 11g only, 11b only”. For compatibility, choose 11bgn mixed, that is, b/g/n mixed mode. If 2.4G interference is too large, change it. If the channel does not work, then choose 11g only, there will be improvement. Band bandwidth is not optional, only automatic and 20MHz, automatically switch at 20/40MHz. If the surrounding wifi source is really much, then please set it to 11g only bandwidth 20MHz, channel 11-13 can choose modern warfare. But channels 12 and 13, not all devices can recognize.
The 5G wireless channel is mainly set to 149 or above. Some friends can’t find 5G wifi on the mobile phone. It is because there is no automatic route used for routing, and it is assigned to the lower channel, which causes incompatibility between devices, so the route specifies 149 channels. Above, this problem can be solved. Moreover, 5G is not as strong as 2.4G, and basically can’t receive neighbor’s 5G wifi at home, so for 5G channel selection, it is 149 or more. The bandwidth selection is automatic. There is no 80MHz option in the TPLINK system. The actual measurement is automatic. The wireless devices supporting 5G ac are running on 80Mhz, ie 433m or 867m.
Tl-wdr6300-set wifi
The LAN port setting is the IP address setting of the router itself. It has manual setting and automatic, automatic. This router is used as a secondary route. The main router automatically assigns an IP address. You don’t have to worry about setting up the IP and the main route. The conflict of IP causes the network to be inaccessible, but it is generally set manually, which is convenient for the login setting of this route.
DHCP service settings, do not set this when doing the master router, the DHCP service is enabled by default when the master router. When the network cable of the main router is plugged into the LAN port of this route, the DHCP needs to be closed, or when the 6300 is doing the wireless relay, the DHCP is also to be closed. Because its relay mode is to go “LAN mode”.
Tl-wdr6300-Setting method
Update settings for the TP6300. When the TP6300 is used as the primary router, the online upgrade is effective, and there is no limit to the local upgrade.
Modify the administrator password to set the password when the router logs in to the system.
Device management shows all devices that have been connected to the TP6300.
Tl-wdr6300-Device Management
And you can speed limit the device or disable the Internet access function, you can also set the time period for Internet access and set the website access limit, which can also be called “parental control function”.
There are many options in the application management, TPLINK makes these options into the application mode, and can update or upgrade its functions in the selected application. Hope is that it can be updated and improved in the future. The default installed applications are “Guest Network, Wireless Device Access Control Wireless Bridging, Signal Conditioning, IP and MAC Binding, Administrator Identity, AP Isolation, Administrator Identity, AP Isolation, Virtual Server, DDNS, DMZ Host” .
Tl-wdr6300-Application Settings
There are two major advantages to setting up a guest network. First, you can set to disable access to shared files on the LAN. Second, you can change your password at random, to prevent your wifi password from being shared by friends with master keys, so that your main wifi password does not need to be modified frequently and it can be safe and not afraid of being leaked.

The wireless bridge setting of TP-6300link (V6) is not bad. It is simple and intelligent. After setting it, it will automatically help you to modify DHCP to close and automatically assign IP address to LAN port. The device connected to the relay is routed to the same LAN. This is the practical relay mode for the home. Compared with TPLINK’s old WDS wireless bridge setup, it’s much better now. Compatibility is also good. Praise it.
The default is signal enhancement mode. That is, you can only adjust to small.
Tl-wdr6300-20AP is isolated, wireless devices cannot access each other.
IP and MAC binding, also called statically assigned IP address.
Virtual server, the port mapping feature, is useful for remote access.
DDNS, the dynamic domain name access service, only available for TP-LINK and peanut shells
DMZ host function.
Let’s talk about the mobile APP settings.
When the mobile phone is connected to the wifi of the TP6300 for the first time, the browser will automatically pop up the mobile APP download page. You can log in with the TP-link ID. The mobile APP can be set up by logging in from the external network, that is, remotely controlling the route.

After logging in to the mobile app, the menu is the same as the settings in the web version, and it is also very detailed.
Tl-wdr6300-Mobile APP
Tl-wdr6300-remote phone control
The mobile APP can set all the functions, the mobile phone control interface is clear at a glance, neat and orderly, and it feels clearer than the web page. Many people like to use mobile phones, at home, look at the use of the router, such as whether there is a strange mobile phone connected to the wifi, may be smashed the network, you can cut or pull the black connection device, you can restart the router and so on.